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What Age Do We Start Our Kids in BJJ?

Updated: Jan 4

What age do we start our kids in BJJ

Greetings from Singapore, the vibrant city where modernity meets tradition! In our bustling city-state, parents are constantly seeking the best for their children, especially when it comes to extracurricular activities. Among the myriad of options, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) stands out as a unique and beneficial choice. But the question often arises: At what age should our little ones start their BJJ journey? In this article, I'll explore why age 4 is the golden starting point.

Why Age 4?

1. Physical Development

At 4 years old, children undergo significant physical development. Their coordination, balance, and motor skills are rapidly improving, making it an ideal time to start a discipline like BJJ. This martial art enhances these abilities, providing a structured environment for children to develop their physical capabilities further.

2. Social Skills

What age do we start our kids in BJJ

In Singapore's diverse cultural landscape, social skills are paramount. BJJ classes offer a social setting where kids interact with peers, learn about teamwork, and understand the value of respect. Starting at age 4 allows children to integrate these essential social skills early in life, setting a strong foundation for their future interactions.

3. Discipline and Focus

BJJ is not just a physical activity; it's a discipline that teaches focus and perseverance. At 4, children are at a stage where they can start understanding and following instructions, making it a suitable time to instil the values of dedication and focus that BJJ requires.

4. Self-Defense and Confidence

What age do we start our kids in BJJ

In today’s world, self-defence is a crucial skill. BJJ provides practical self-defence techniques suitable for young children. Starting at 4 ensures that they grow up with the confidence to defend themselves if necessary, which is especially reassuring in a fast-paced city like Singapore.

5. Long-term Skill Development 

Starting BJJ at a younger age gives children more time to develop and refine their skills. By the time they reach their teens, they’ll have a strong foundation in the sport, potentially opening doors for competitive opportunities or advanced training.


In conclusion, starting BJJ at the age of 4 offers a multitude of benefits for children growing up in Singapore. It supports their physical, social, and psychological development, equipping them with skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. As Singapore continues to embrace diverse sports and activities, BJJ for kids stands out as a choice that offers more than just physical fitness – it's a pathway to a well-rounded, confident, and skilled individual.

If you want to explore how we can help you raise confident kids with Jiu-jitsu, check out our Kids Program here.


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